das ende der liebe


Spacetime is the truth of being. Nothing is impossible. We exist as frequencies.

Das Ende Der Liebe – roughly translatable to "The End Of Love" – uses sounds, which are frequencies, which are us, to guide us. By tuning in, we dream. To walk the journey is to become one with it. Rebirth is a constant. Das Ende Der Liebe dreams the hofmann dream, high pitched to a 2020s version. Beat, Sounds, Void. Every bar a new life. The biosphere is overflowing with electrical impulses and the birds rejoice. Let us overcome love and celebrate to a new dawn.

Laurenz Gemmer | prepared Yamaha CP-70, melodica, laptop
Andreas Voelk | electric guitar, FX
Kenn Hartwig | bass, shortwave radio, circuit bending
Thomas Sauerborn | drums

If you need more solid information, head over to our promoter Tailored Communication.



04.05. Ono2, Frankfurt am Main
06.05. Berlin, TBA
19.10. Hannover


07.05. Gesellschaft zur Erweiterung des Bewusstseins - Zürich, CH
09.05. Kantonsschule Küsnacht - Zürich, CH
09.05. Schweizer Museum für elektronische Musikinstrumente, Fribourg, CH
09.10. Sisyphos, Berlin
13.10. Jaki, Köln
14.10. Ono2, Frankfurt am Main
09.12. Urania, Köln


21.08. gARTen - Gaswerksiedlung - Berlin
09.09. Ebertplatz - Kraut am Ebertplatz - Köln


04.01. Stadtgarten - Winterjazz - Köln
29.02. Niehler Freiheit – Köln – canceled
05.03. Rotbart - Berlin



27.02. Auster Club – Im Schatten des Irrlichts – Berlin
03.03. Party – Braunschweig
09. / 10.03. Secret Location (bring your experimental subtances / meditation pillow) – Köln Porz
15.03. Mera Crib – Nesselwang
16.03. Import Export – München
16.08. Circle of Leaves Festival – Beerfelden


03.03. Zollkantine – Bremen
06.03. Jazzlab – Hamburg
08.03. Ottersberg
29.03. Im Schatten des Irrlichts – Humboldthain Club – Berlin
30.03. 4 Jahre Techno Türken - Loftus Hall - Berlin
05.05. Kliteratur Opening – Tanzfaktur Poll – Köln
10.05. Achtbrücken Festival – Köln
02.06. Castello Festival - Einsames Schloss in Polen
17.08. Jazz Montez Open Air - Frankfurt am Main
18.08. Circle of Leaves Festival - Odenwald
08.11. Theater Urania – Köln


07.06. Köln - Acephale
30.09. Köln - Tiefgarage
02.10. Berlin - Humboldthain Club


07.04. München - Kiste
08.04. Leipzig - Projekt
09.04. Erfurt - Farbraum
12.08. Mannheim - Einraumhaus
13.08. Frankfurt - Blaues Haus
06.10. Berlin - Culture Container
20.10. München - Kiste
21.10. München - Kunstakademie
04.11. München - Import Export
05.11. Leipzig - Doktor Seltsam
07.11. Weimar - C-Keller


21.08. Saarland - Kobold Festival
08.10. Köln - Roxy
02.12. Berlin - Greenhouse
04.12. Weimar - Gerber 3
07.12. Weimar - C-Keller
10.12. München - Kiste
11.12. Freiburg - Art Jamming


Our 2022 album "SCHNE*E" was released September 23rd 2022 through Anunaki Tabla and is available via Bandcamp


Our 2021 album "Bright Euro Teen Gets Educated About Life by Trip Music Band" has been released through Anunaki Tabla and is availabla via Bandcamp


In 2020 we released a collection of ambient pieces named "Scholle Series" exclusively on Youtube


2018 saw the release of our "Mixtape No 1". Find it on Bandcamp

The tape consists of two sets which had previously been released on Youtube: The 2018 Decameter Waves | Glory Unboxed as well as our groundbreaking 2016 banger Imperial Vault of Heaven


There is a notable 2017 video release of a live performance at Ebertplatz, Cologne called Make Nyquist Limits Not Walls

With contributions by Ketonge, Simon Rummel, birdwoman Doro and random drunk people. Starting from 08:46 the video features a DMT trip summing up our band history up to that point. It is then abruptly interrupted by pop music from the short wave radio. Then you can see Thomas arguing with some drunk Kungfu Master while playing. This whole thing is pretty dark... Did it actually really happen? My memory...


In ancient times, there was a compact disc titled "das Ende der Liebe". All copies have since been lost, but you can listen to it on Bandcamp, if you dare


You might be able to find some more gems on our Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

Das Ende der Liebe - MOPED (SCHNE*E studio sessions, 2022) Das Ende der Liebe - BEWEISE (SCHNE*E studio sessions, 2022) "Bright Euro Teen Gets Educated About Life by Trip Music Band" - Release Stream (2021) Decameter Waves | Glory Unboxed (2018) Das Ende der Liebe live at LUDE Cologne (2018) DEDL All Stars - Make Nyquist Limits Not Walls - live at Tiefgarage Cologne (30.09.2017) Imperial Vault of Heaven (live Set 2016)
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